Sassuolo Card

The “Sassuolo Card” is a loyalty card that represents the sense of belonging to the colours green and black and ensures the highest standards of safety inside stadiums.


  1. it is mandatory for fans who wish to subscribe to the Sassuolo Calcio seasonal ticket. In fact, the club cannot issue a subscription without adhesion to the  Supporter Card program.
  2. It is mandatory for seasonal tickets transfer: Seasonal ticket transfer is only possible among Sassuolo Card holders.
  3. Supporter Card holders need not worry about any limitations or restrictions determined by the Observatory.

The Card is strictly personal and should not, and cannot, be used by third parties. The Card has a 5 year validity,subject to provisions of the competent Authorities.


Adhesion to the “Sassuolo Card” project is completed by filling in the appropriate FORM. The form must be accompanied by:

  • A copy of the applicants Identification Card, or in the case of a minor that of his/her guardian
  • A copy of the applicants fiscal code

All documentation shall be delivered EXCLUSIVELY to the Sassuolo Calcio main offices Thursday to Tuesday from 2.30 P.M. to 6.30 P.M. In these times it is also possible to retrieve your card once it is ready.

The “Sassuolo Card” has an activation fee of €10 to be paid at time of  Card subscription underwriting (with the exception of Under 14’s for whom the Card is free of charge). The card is issued immediately upon subscription.

In the case of theft, loss or misappropriation of your “Sassuolo Card” it is necessary to submit a formal statement to a Public security representative (Police or Carabinieri). To request a new card it is sufficient to present copy of this official statement at the Sassuolo Calcio main offices during the hours previously indicated and fill-in a new request form. Release of new card requires a  €10 payment.