Date of birth: 12 Giugno 1968

Statistics as Sassuolo’s manager

Season Finish V N P GF GA
2018/19 9 6 7 37 31
2019/20 7 2 7 29 19
2020/21 16 2 4 47 20
TOTAL 32 10 18 113 70

Functional Evaluations: Centro Ricerche Mapei Sport

Sassuolo Calcio has relied on the Mapei Sport Research center for many years now, as a scientific support for the athletic preparation of its players as well as nutritional assistance and the supervision of its sports medical assistance.
In collaboration with the club’s technical and medical staff the green and black’s undergo daily monitoring of workloads with the added support of new generation technological systems. Furthermore the athletes undergo periodical valuation tests by Mapei Sport staff members. These valuations are aimed at optimizing physical performance and reducing the risk of injuries by identifying principal risk factors.
For Sassuolo Calcio the refered Methodologist is Dott. Ermanno Rampinini, who directs the team’s technical staff in coordinating the programming and planning of athletic preparation, assisted by Prof. Marco Riggio who is in charge of elaborating all athletic data. All aspects regarding nutrition are followed directly by Doctor Luca Mondazzi, medical supervisor and project coordinator and by Doctor Claudio Pecci, managing director of the Mapei Sport Research Center.